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Roads and public transport have been seriously neglected by the NSW Government.

Roads such as Appin Road, were once a country road connecting a town to a village, however, they are now a major arterial connecting the two growing regions of Macarthur and the Illawarra.

The government’s refusal to build south bound entry and exit ramps at the soon-to-be constructed Hume Highway/Menangle Road interchange, is grossly inadequate.

The refusal to establish a bus service for residents in Macarthur Heights has also created a terrible inconvenience for the many residents in that suburb.

A review into the local roads and public transport network in Campbelltown is a must.

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PetitionCampaign - commuter car park.jpeg


Finding a parking spot at Macarthur, Campbelltown and Leumeah train stations is not an easy feat past 7am.

Prior to the 2015 NSW election, the NSW Liberals promised to build 450 new commuter car parking spots at Campbelltown.

After years of inaction, the NSW Government officially broke that promise in 2018.

Transport for NSW have also confirmed there are no plans to investigate solutions anymore either.

It is clear the supply of commuter car parks at Campbelltown train stations cannot cope with the ever-increasing demand.

I will continue to hold the NSW Government accountable for its failed promise.


In February 2017, the NSW Liberal Government announced its plans to cut all direct train services connecting Campbelltown to Liverpool, Parramatta and Blacktown along the T2 and T5 lines.

Commuters from the Macarthur region are also forced to regularly endure trains without air-conditioning, despite the Government repeatedly saying that 100% of trains on the Sydney Trains network are air-conditioned.



I am proud to have stood with and fought for our local community and welcome the $632 million upgrade to Campbelltown Hospital. However, bricks and mortar and the good will of our staff alone is not enough to provide the patients with the care they need and the staff with the resources they require. This requires adequate funding from the Government.

Campbelltown Hospital has some of the longest waiting times for emergency treatment and elective surgery in all of NSW. With the population in Macarthur set to double within the next two decades, we need investment in better health services now.


The Campbelltown koala colony is unique and is one of the only disease free colonies in NSW.

But the existence of our local koalas is seriously under threat due to a number of factors including: vehicle incidents, domestic animal attacks and a lack of adequate provision for the preservation and conservation of habitat.

The Georges River Koala National Park would go a long way to ensuring our local colony not only survived, but also thrived.

I will continue to push the government to establish the Georges River Koala National Park and I will not settle for anything less.

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