Alexis Bowen

Bin chicken. It's a phrase that people often say when they are referring to the Australian White Ibis. However, I am sure that people in Campbelltown at least are now beginning to associate the words with a fantastic initiative led by a passionate local by the name of Alexis Bowen. In fact, Alexis' work was even officially recognised during the 2022 Campbelltown Australia Day awards – where she was presented with the Environmental Citizen of the Year for her work with Bin Chicken. So what is Bin Chicken? It is a program free for Campbelltown residents where members are given compostable bags to collect drink containers. The bags are collected every two weeks from the member's home. As an extra incentive, members also go into the monthly draw to win vouchers to spend at local businesses. It is an easy program to participate in that makes a huge difference to the local parks and waterways of Campbelltown. It is little wonder why Alexis was awarded with the prestigious Australia Day award. I would again like to congratulate Alexis on establishing a great initiative and on her accolade.

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