Billions of Dollars Ripped Out of Western Sydney With Next To Nothing Given Back

NSW Labor have demanded the Government explain exactly how the billions of

dollars collected from Western Sydney residents in stamp duty in the past 10

years has been spent.

Figures obtained by NSW Labor show the stamp duty by the State Government

more than tripled from $612 million in 2011/12, when the NSW Liberals came to

power – to almost $2 billion in 2015/16.

From 2011/12 to 2019/20 the NSW Government raked in almost $13 billion in

stamp duty from Western Sydney residents.

The Shadow Minister for Western Sydney Greg Warren said there was no

excuse for the Government’s gross lack of investment in the region’s

infrastructure, given the money collected though stamp duty.

“The Government’s dismal failure to provide Western Sydney residents with

basic infrastructure speaks volumes for how the NSW Liberals feel about the

fastest growing region in the state,” Mr Warren said.

“Emergency department waiting times in the region are among the worst in the

state, public transport is woeful and critical infrastructure like the M12 Motorway

is well behind schedule and over budget.

“The NSW Liberals take and take from Western Sydney but when it comes time

to give back, they’re nowhere to be seen.”

Freedom of Information requests for the stamp duty figures were originally

denied by Revenue NSW in mid-2019.

However, the Information and Privacy Commissioner determined

the Department held the information and had no grounds to withhold its release

to the public.

Mr Warren said the fact the Government did not want the information released

proved they were guilty of ripping off Western Sydney residents.

“I’ve seen tinted windows that are more transparent than the NSW Liberals,” he


“This Government specialises in deceit and secrecy, as we’ve seen with the

Stronger Communities Fund debacle.

“The figures regarding the amount of stamp duty collected from

Western Sydney are alarming – no wonder the Government tried to prevent

them from seeing the light of day.”

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