Campbelltown Arts Centre Cafe

There has been no shortage of people willing to dig deep and help those in need in recent times.

The team at the Campbelltown Arts Centre Café are certainly a great example of a team that are dedicated, selfless and always willing to go the extra mile to assist others. The recent lockdown took an incredible financial toll on many. Putting food on the table and supporting a household was particularly hard for some families. That is where the arts centre café stepped in and up. The team have been continually cooking up a storm and providing meals to many locals. Their commitment to the cause has never wavered and the smiles on their faces have never stopped. It's an incredible effort from the team at the café to continually put others first during such a tumultuous time. We really are so lucky in Campbelltown to have so many organisations like the arts centre café around to help during our time of need. There is no doubt the efforts of the team have been appreciated by many throughout Campbelltown. On behalf of our community, thank you to the entire team at the Campbelltown Arts Centre Café.

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