Campbelltown Catholic Club

It may just look like rows of tables and chairs, but it really is a wonderful gesture from the Campbelltown Catholic Club to act as an emergency HSC exam hall. While we have returned to some sort of normality, the threat of COVID-19 is still ever-present. As a result, emergency examination halls have been set up throughout the state in the event there is a positive COVID-19 case at a school. It's hoped that there will be no need for students to relocate to the Cube convention and entertainment centre at the Campbelltown Catholic Club, but should they need to, the option is there. It's not the first time the club has put its hand up to help during the pandemic. In September and October the club hosted a pop up vaccination clinic. There was no obligation to do so, it was simply the thought of helping our community the drove those at the club. The efforts of the club certainly have not gone unnoticed by many in Campbelltown. On behalf of the entire community, thank you to CEO Michael Lavorato and the entire team at the Campbelltown Catholic Club for your generosity.

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