Campbelltown Joggers Club

Getting active is not only good for the body, it is good for the mind.

Often having a friend or two to do exercise with you makes all the difference in terms of motivation.

That is why clubs such as the Campbelltown Joggers Club are so important.

For 46 years the Campbelltown Joggers Club has been providing locals and running enthusiasts with an opportunity to exercise in a more formal and social setting.

A crucial aspect of the club is that it caters for runners and walkers of all abilities – making it a truly inclusive organisation.

It was a meeting at the Campbelltown CIVIC Centre On December 6, 1975 that signalled the intentions of likeminded individuals to get together and form the club.

Just over a month after that meeting the inaugural club run was held at Bradbury Oval.

Over the years those at the club have also worked with Campbelltown Council to help host the annual Fisher's Ghost Fun Run.

The club has certainly stood the test of time with about 250 people members today.

Congratulations to everyone who has been and/or continues to be involved with the Campbelltown Jogger Club.

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