Campbelltown Local Area Command

Being a police officer is one of the most demanding jobs – both physically and mentally – that you can have.

Every member of the NSW Police Force sacrifice their own wellbeing to protect and serve their community.

That is certainly no different in Campbelltown.

The men and women at Campbelltown Local Area Command are some of the most selfless and dedicated individuals that I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.

They don't go to work every day to simply collect a pay cheque – they go to work to make a positive difference to our community.

There is no doubt that officers see the best and worst in people.

It may be the nature of the job but it doesn't make it easier.

Many bear physical scars from their time on the force.

Other scars are emotional.

However, their contributions and efforts certainly don't go unnoticed.

There are countless individuals throughout Campbelltown whose lives are much better thanks to the intervention of police.

On behalf of the entire Campbelltown community, I would like to acknowledge the contributions of those men and women at Campbelltown LAC and thank them for their continued efforts and dedication.

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