Community in and Around the Aerotropolis let Down by NSW Government, Report Finds

Shadow Minister for Western Sydney, Greg Warren, said the Aerotropolis Independent

Community Commissioner’s Report – released yesterday – was proof the NSW

Government had failed residents in and around the aerotropolis.

Independent Community Commissioner Professor Roberta Ryan made 40

recommendations with many focused on how the NSW Government should improve its

consultation and communication with residents whose properties had been acquired or

impacted by the Western Sydney Airport and aerotropolis developments.

Some of the recommendations included:

- Prioritise the community in all communications and ensure communications and

engagement are place-focused and coordinated rather than agency driven

- Establish a public complaints register

- Include additional land uses to the allowable existing uses in the zonings to

enable landowners to continue residential and other low impacts uses for land

(for example an additional dwelling, storey, shed, etc) even if these uses may be

prohibited under new zonings.

- Clearly set out the acquisition process including likely timing depending on the

acquisition requirements

- Once the Precinct Plans are finalised, enable acquisition on a voluntary basis

due to compassionate grounds for landowners on a case-by-case basis

“We have seen example after example where residents are being forced from their

homes and being offered a pittance in compensation,” Mr Warren said.

“Other land owners have seen their property’s become virtually worthless due to baffling

and questionable rezoning's.

“There has been next to no communication, negotiation or consultation regarding the

whole rezoning and acquisition process.

“I have spoken to many residents who have been left disappointed, disheartened and


“All those residents want is a fair deal and to be treated with respect and dignity by the

NSW Liberals.

“The message from this report is clear – the NSW Liberals must stop treating residents

in and around the aerotropolis with contempt.”

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