Democracy must be returned to The Coast before 2024

Central Coast residents will be left without an elected representative on Central Coast Council until September 2024 after the NSW Government announced an extension of the administration period.

The current debacle hitting ratepayers and residents on the Central Coast is a direct result of this Liberal Government’s failed amalgamation process of Gosford and Wyong Councils.

Simply not enough time was invested into examining the pitfalls of the merger; not enough money was allocated by the NSW Government to support the merged council; and not enough ongoing support was offered to the council or community by the NSW Government.

Despite the widespread community opposition, the NSW Liberals and Nationals still forcibly merged the councils.

NSW Labor have repeatedly stated that in the interest of democracy, the community on the Central Coast must be able to choose their own representatives on council – sooner, rather than later.

NSW Labor have called on the NSW Government to also ensure job security for council workers jobs and entitlements are guaranteed; and no community services will be cut.

Shadow Minister for Local Government Greg Warren MP said it was the NSW Government that created the mess on the Central Coast and it was up to the Premier and his colleagues to clean it up.

“The community, the councils and the local members knew that this merger was never going to work,” Mr Warren said.

“Despite the fierce opposition to the merger, the government went ahead and forced Gosford and Wyong to merge anyway.

“As a result, the council and its community are now in disarray.”

Shadow Minister for the Central Coast and Member for Wyong, David Harris MP, said ultimately it was the community on the Central Coast who were paying the price of a disastrous NSW Government policy.

“The approach the Government took to amalgamating the Wyong and Gosford Councils was always doomed to fail,” he said.

"Now Central Coast residents are paying higher rates for reduced services and are left without any democratic representation for four years."

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