Elderly Residents Left in Public Transport Abyss

Campbelltown MP Greg Warren has demanded the Minister for Transport, Andrew

Constance, establish another bus stop in Gilead to cater for elderly residents in an aged

care facility and an over 55’s estate.

The closest bus stop to Mount Gilead Estate and Estia Health Kilbride aged care facility

is several hundred metres away at the intersection of Glendower Street and Copperfield

Drive, Rosemeadow, making is impossible to reach via foot for many residents.

Mr Warren wrote to Minister Constance in 2019 requesting a bus stop be established

near the entry of the estate and aged care facility, however, that request was denied.

Mr Warren again wrote to Minister Constance in April this year, demanding the Minister

reconsider his decision, but again those calls fell on deaf ears.

“The thousands of residents in Mount Gilead Estate and Kilbride aged care facility aren’t

asking for a lot,” Mr Warren said.

“They are simply asking for a bus stop to be created closer to their homes so they can

actually access public transport.

“It is a fair and reasonable request.

“Minister Constance hasn’t even tried to come up with a workable solution – instead he

has simply dug his heels in and refused to budge.

“The Minister should walk a mile – or at least several hundred metres – in the shoes of

Mount Gilead Estate residents, from their homes to the closest bus stop, so he can

experience what those elderly residents have to.

“The Minister must reverse his decision and provide a closer and more accessible bus

stop for those elderly residents.”

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