Fears for Campbelltown Students Following Teacher Shortage

NSW Labor have raised serious concerns about the shortage of teachers throughout

the state – including here in Campbelltown.

Secret Department of Education documents obtained by the Opposition through the

NSW Upper House revealed NSW was experiencing significant teacher shortages.

The documents warn the shortages are particularly bad for maths and science teachers,

despite maths and science being crucial skills.

The NSW Government was warned last year that the teacher shortage was a serious

problem, with classes being collapsed and teaching roles going unfilled.

Despite being warned about teacher shortages last year, Education Minister Sarah

Mitchell dismissed the issue this year and claimed teacher shortages were a “beat-up”.

The Macarthur region and Campbelltown are in the midst of a population boom, raising

serious concerns whether there will be adequate staffing levels to meet the demand of

future students.

Shadow Minister for Education and Early Childhood Learning Prue Car said: “The

Education Minister called the shortages a “beat-up” to try and hide her government’s


“Now these secret documents reveal the truth: the teacher shortage issue is worse than


“The Liberal Government allowed this to happen – and now they’re trying to cover their

tracks by flying in overseas teachers with no Australian experience.

“It’s no wonder results continue to go backwards under the Liberals.”

Mr Warren added: “The population of Campbelltown and the wider Macarthur region

has rapidly increased in recent years – and that boom shows no signs of slowing down.”

“We need to ensure that existing and new residents have access to critical services like

health, public transport and of course, education.

“I fear for the future of our students under a NSW Liberal-National Government.”

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