Glenn Cossar

Reading has certainly been an activity that I and many others have indulged in over the past four or five months. Not much beats immersing yourself in a good book. I have said it countless times before but we are so lucky in Campbelltown to have so many talented people whether they be artists, sports people or academics. Glenn Cossar is certainly one of those special talents. Aside from a member of the dedicated team at Macarthur Lifeline, Glenn is also a skilful author. He recently presented me with a copy of his latest book, In Search of Hope. It's not easy task to be able to sit down and complete a book. It takes patience, skill and an unwavering drive to be able to start and finish a project such as a authoring a novel. But to those who know Glenn, they know he possesses all of those wonderful qualities required. Congratulations again mate on a wonderful achievement and a wonderful read. I look forward to the next the chapter in your literary career.

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