Growing Communities Hardest hit

Shadow Minister for Local Government, Greg Warren MP, has warned residents in

growing communities will be subjected to higher rates following changes to the

rate peg cap.

The Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal recently announced the base

rate peg cap would be set at 0.7% with rises beyond that considered for councils

experiencing population growth.

This decision will essentially see the rate cap rise up to 5% in some communities.

Mr Warren said it was an outrageous change that would impact many people

throughout NSW.

“This is essentially a tax that will be imposed on residents who welcome new

people into their communities.

“This is nothing but another cost shifting exercise from this NSW Government onto

the councils throughout our state.

“Not only will this decision see rates rise in growing areas, it will have a

disproportionate effect on many regional and rural communities who may not

experience population growth but nevertheless have a high demand for

infrastructure and services.

This is a ludicrous decision and one that needs to be reversed immediately, an illthought-

out policy significantly impacting families and communities across NSW.”

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