Hannah Darlington

The Campbelltown-Camden Ghosts have a long proud history. The club's reputation is respected not just locally, but far and wide. The club's ability to produce and nurture talent has been one of its most famous attributes and that trend has continued with Ghosts player, Hannah Darlington being named the interim captain of the Sydney Thunder. To simply make the Thunder squad is an achievement many players can only dream of. To lead the team though, that is an honour reserved for a precious few. Being a leader of the team comes with a host of extra responsibilities. As a leader, you don't have the luxury of wandering onto the pitch and worrying just about your own game. To be able to lead and still perform at the highest level is not something everyone can do. But there is no doubt that Hannah's time at the Ghosts has prepared her for such an important task. Congratulations again Hannah on a wonderful achievement and congratulations to the Ghosts for helping shape Hannah into the leader she is today. On behalf of the entire Campbelltown community, we wish Hannah and the Thunder good luck this season.

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