Health Legislation (Miscellaneous) Amendment Bill 2022

I make a very brief contribution to the Health Legislation (Miscellaneous) Amendment Bill 2022. As my colleague the member for Port Stephens said, the Opposition does not oppose the bill. I reiterate and endorse everything that the member for Port Stephens stated. I also acknowledge my colleague and shadow health Minister, Mr Ryan Park, and his commentary. Whilst endorsing all statements that have been made in relation to this bill by my colleagues, I take this opportunity to acknowledge those who have worked tirelessly to help and support us through the pandemic: the frontline workers, allied health workers, nurses, doctors, clinicians and everyone within the health profession, who have sacrificed so much for us. I could not let this bill go through without making a contribution and using that opportunity. Quite frankly, we would be simply lost without them. These changes are requirements based on many different issues and points that need to be changed, as my colleagues have outlined. I thank all of those professionals within the entire health profession, including our allied health workers, and state again that the Opposition does not oppose the bill.

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