Health Workers Rally Against Paid Parking at Campbelltown Hospital

Campbelltown MP Greg Warren today joined dozens of health workers from

Campbelltown Hospital to protest the introduction of paid parking at Campbelltown


The rally was organised by the NSW Health Services Union and the NSW Nurses and

Midwives Association in response to the NSW Liberal’s heartless decision.

As of Monday, staff were being charged to park at work – an expense expected to cost

about $1200 every year.

The introduction of paid parking came months after the government cut the wages of

staff at hospitals throughout the state.

Mr Warren – a vocal opponent of paid parking at the hospital – said it was disgusting

that staff, patients and their loved ones, are forced to pay at the hospital.

“It was health workers like those at Campbelltown Hospital who were on the front line in

the fight against COVID-19,” Mr Warren said.

“It was the same workers that bravely sacrificed their own welfare in order to keep our

community safe.

“As a thank you, this draconian and heartless government cut those workers’ wages

and told them they had to fork out $1200 for parking at work.

“It beggars belief that the NSW Liberals would treat health workers with such contempt

and disdain.

“Good on those workers for making a stand today.

“I will always stand with and stand by our health workers – just as I did today.”

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