Holistic Approach to APPIN ROAD Needed

Campbelltown MP Greg Warren has urged the NSW Government to make meaningful

improvements to Appin Road and shift from its current small, cosmetic approach.

Transport for NSW issued a media release today announcing it would undertake a

survey investigation at the intersection of Appin Road and St Johns Road, Bradbury, in

order to ‘improve safety and support housing in the Greater Macarthur Growth Area’.

Mr Warren said any work to improve or upgrade Appin Road was welcomed, however

he stressed the government needed to stop side-stepping around the issue and

upgrade the entire notorious stretch of bitumen.

“The government has been well aware of the plethora of issues on Appin Road, yet they

have failed to undertake any meaningful upgrades or improvements,” he said.

“Far too many motorists have been killed or seriously injured on the notorious stretch of

road while countless native wildlife have also been killed after colliding with cars and


“Appin Road is no longer a dirt track used to cart coal up and down – it is a main

thoroughfare connecting the ever-expanding regions of Macarthur and the Illawarra.

“The road needs to be duplicated to reduce the safety hazards encountered by

motorists, while provisions need to be put in place to ensure native wildlife don’t have to

run the deadly gauntlet any longer.

“Survey works at the intersection of St Johns Road and Appin Road will not reduce the

inherent dangers faced by motorists travelling between Copperfield Drive, Rosemeadow

and Bulli Tops.

“With the developments in Gilead and Appin, we need to see meaningful safety

improvements on the road now.”

The work at the intersection of Appin Road and St Johns Road will be carried out

between Monday, June 21 and Friday July 30, weather permitting.

Night work will occur between 9pm and 5am (Sunday to Thursday) while day work will

occur between 7am and 6pm (Monday to Friday) and 8am to 1pm (Saturdays).

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