iVote dumped and council results voided

The NSW Electoral Commissioner has announced that the iVote system will be shelved until after the 2023 state election. The decision comes after funding delays from the Perrottet Government and the system crashing during the 2021 Local Government elections.

The Electoral Commission has been seeking an additional $22 million from the Perrottet Government to address cybersecurity issues but the Government rebuffed this initial request citing problems with the Commission’s business case.

In budget estimates the Government unveiled they had finally provided $4.8 million of the requested $22 million from the Commission’s business case.

This funding was not approved until after the iVote crash during the 2021 Local Government elections leading to the Electoral Commission taking the successful candidates in the Singleton, Kempsey and Shellharbour Ward A elections to the Supreme Court, and voiding the results.

Ms Yasmin Catley MP – Shadow Minister for Customer Service and Digital said, “Victor Dominello has completely failed the people of New South Wales by failing to properly fund the iVote system”.

“The comments from the Minister’s Department citing issues in the Commission’s business case is really quite farcical. Since when did democracy require a business case?

“iVote supports some of the most vulnerable people to participate in democracy and the shelving of this system until after the next state election risks alienating the very people any Government should be seeking to support as a priority.

“Now the communities of Singleton, Kempsey and Shellharbour Ward A will be forced back to the polls due to the Minister’s failure to properly fund the system.

“The costs of Victor Dominello’s failures in stewardship in overseeing the iVote system will now be paid by the communities of Singleton, Kempsey and Shellharbour”.

Shadow Minister for Local Government Greg Warren said,

“This is what happens when a department is under-funded and under-resourced by the NSW Government.

“The people if NSW - in particular those in Singleton, Kempsey and Shellharbour - deserve better.”

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