Let’s Make ANZAC DAY 2021 a Day We Will Never Forget

Anzac Day 2020 will be etched in our memories forever.

It truly was an April 25 like no other.

The plethora of people who usually descended on marches and services at

dawn were nowhere to be seen.

Instead they were ordered to remain in the confines of their homes.

The lighting of a candle on the doorstep was the only show of respect for our

fallen that we were able to offer.

But 12 months on and we are slowly returning to a sense of normality.

While there will be certain restrictions placed on Anzac Day services and

marches this year, many of us will at least be able to leave our house and pay

our respects by attending a march or service.

The importance of a large crowd at services on April 25 should never be understated.

It is imperative as a nation that we both preserve and promote the stories of our

brave Defence Force personnel.

That starts by encouraging younger generations to attend marches and

services every year.

It continues by having those same people bring their children and their

grandchildren along too.

The goal should be to make sure that the tradition is so deeply etched into our

nation’s fabric that nothing – not even a year like 2020 – can compromise the


We all know words of The Ode: They shall not grow old as we that are left grow

old, age shall not weary them nor the years condemn, at the going down of the

sun and in the morning, we will remember them.

We will and we must remember them.

Take a minute to think about what our nation would look like today without the

efforts of those brave men and women who served in various conflicts and


Waking once before dawn every year and taking a moment every now and then

to remember those Defence Force personnel is not a sacrifice.

Heading into conflict and not knowing whether you will ever see the faces of

your friends and family again – that’s a real and genuine sacrifice.

Let’s make April 25, 2021 like April 25, 2020 – a day that we will never forget

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No matter the circumstances, as a nation on this day we will come together to remember the sacrifices that were made for our nations freedom