Liberal MPS at War Over ‘LEGALISED THEFT’ in Western Sydney

NSW Labor have demanded the Berejiklian Government focus on the needs of

Western Sydney residents rather than fighting amongst each other.

Appearing in budget estimates today, the Minister for Western Sydney, Stuart

Ayres was quizzed by Rose Jackson MLC about comments made by Mulgoa MP

Tanya Davies regarding compulsory land acquisitions and rezonings related to the

Western Sydney Airport and aerotropolis projects.

Minister Ayres “categorically rejected” claims from Ms Davies, that the government

had engaged in the practice of “legalised theft”.

Ms Davies made the statement at a meeting in Luddenham yesterday that was

organised by NSW Labor Leader Jodi McKay and Shadow Minister for Western

Sydney, Greg Warren.

Hundreds of angry and frustrated residents who have been impacted by the land

acquisitions and rezonings attended the meeting.

Shadow Minister for Western Sydney, Greg Warren – who today also gave

evidence at a federal senate inquiry into issues with the Western Sydney Airport –

condemned Minister Ayres and his government for taking advantage of vulnerable

small land owners in Western Sydney.

“The NSW Liberals have financially crippled residents in Western Sydney through

excessive compulsory land acquisitions and questionable rezonings – or as the

Member for Mulgoa succinctly put it, ‘legalised theft’,” he said.

“The Minister can deny that has occurred all he likes but the facts are there for

everyone to see.

“The Minister for Western Sydney has repeatedly dismissed the concerns of NSW

Labor and Western Sydney residents – now he is dismissing the concerns of a

fellow Liberal and Western Sydney-based MP.

“It seems the only people this government are prepared to listen to are wealthy,

large land owners and developers.

“A dog might be a man’s best friend, but there is no doubt that large property

owners and developers are the Liberal Party’s best friends.”

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