Lyn Bullman

There aren't many residents in Claymore who don't know Lyn Bullman.

Lyn has dedicated much of her time to advocating for the Claymore community and its residents.

The suburb has often been featured in the media for all the wrong reasons, creating a not so favourable public perception.

But the problem with perceptions is they often don't tell the full story.

There is no doubt Claymore has faced its fair share of challenges in the past.

And some of those challenges still exist today.

There can be no denying that.

But there is also a large number of residents from the suburb who are passionate about their area, passionate about their community, and passionate about improving the lives of others.

Lyn certainly covers all those bases.

There is no doubt that the community of Claymore is lucky to have such a fierce advocate like Lyn speaking up for them.

Her commitment to her community is nothing short of admirable and I know it is certainly appreciated by many.

I would like to take this opportunity to recognise Lyn's efforts in advocating for her community of Claymore.