Macarthur Centre For Sustainable Living

If you have never been to the Macarthur Centre for Sustainable Living, I would highly recommend you do so.

The centre is at the forefront for innovation in terms of sustainable creations and practices.

The description of the centre on its website sums it up perfectly: "The unique facility is entirely self-sufficient. It generates its own power, recycles and reuses all rain and waste water, and managed organic waste on site".

Those at the centre also do an incredible job promoting what occurs at the centre to wider community.

The centre provides tours to the general public and school children, which is particularly important in terms of educating future generations.

It also provide information regarding sustainable eco-businesses, eco‑building and gardening.

I am always amazed by the work occurring at the centre and the number of people that lend a hand to help the centre thrive.

It truly is a wonderful community facility and one that everyone should visit.

Well done to those at the centre. I look forward to seeing what innovations and creations you come up with down the track.