NSW Government Roll Over as Jobs Head South to Victoria

NSW Labor have called on the Berejiklian Government to demand Airservices

Australia reverse its plan to relocate the Sydney Airport Terminal Control Unit

(SATCU) interstate to Melbourne.

According to Civil Air Australia, the move would result in the Australian

Government-owned company “willingly parting with up to 65 controllers who are

currently qualified to Sydney Terminal airspace” and would “eliminate the option of

53 additional tower controllers currently located in the Sydney Basin”.

Shadow Minister for Western Sydney, Greg Warren said it made no sense to shift

jobs out of Sydney given the Nancy Bird Walton Airport in Western Sydney was

due to open in 2026.

“It beggars belief that the Berejiklian Government has rolled over and allowed this

ludicrous move by Air Service Australia to occur,” he said.

“We thought it was bad enough that the NSW Liberal Government has continually

failed to provide a plan to create jobs for Western Sydney and the Aerotropolis, we

are now going backwards by losing jobs”.

“If Air Services Australia are adamant that the Sydney Airport Terminal Control

Unit be relocated, then it should move to Western Sydney, not Melbourne.

“The NSW Liberals talk big regarding jobs in Western Sydney, but when it comes

down to the crunch they are nothing but a cowering, toothless tiger.”

Shadow Minister for Jobs, Investment and Tourism, David Harris MP, said it was

alarming the NSW Government didn’t put up a fight to keep the Sydney Airport

Terminal Control Unit from being relocated to Melbourne.

“Sydney should be fighting for every job, particularly highly skilled jobs,” he said.

“Sydney is the gateway to Australia and with the new airport underway, it makes

no sense that these jobs would be lost to Melbourne.”

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