NSW Labor Welcomes Terms of Reference for Royal Commission Into Defence and Veterans’ Suicide

Shadow Minister for Veterans Greg Warren said he was optimistic the terms of

reference for the upcoming Royal Commission into Defence and Veterans’ Suicide

yesterday would shed further light on the challenges faced by the state’s serving and

former Australian Defence Force members.

Mr Warren – a former member of the Australian Regular Army – said it was crucial the

terms of reference would examine all aspects of ADF life including pre-service, during

service, transition, separation and post-service.

It is also critical that the royal commission will examine any suicide or suspected suicide

committed by a current or former member of the ADF.

Mr Warren urged the Berejiklian-Barilaro Government to take an proactive role in

assisting those on the royal commission, rather than leaving it all to their counterparts in


“The issue of suicide among both serving and former ADF members is highly

concerning, so much so that it now warrants a royal commission,” he said.

“In the last decade we have seen a plethora of reports, inquiries and investigations

regarding this issue but very little has been done despite the various findings.

“I am optimistic this royal commission will lead to real and effective change.

“But real change will not occur without help from state government – including the

Berejiklian-Barilaro Government.

“The NSW Government must take a proactive role in assisting the royal commission

and vow to help implement all recommendations that may stem from this royal


“The Premier showed utter contempt for NSW veterans by refusing to appoint a full time

Minister for Veterans for 18 months when the former Minister stood down.

“The NSW Government must stop treating veterans in our state so terribly and they can

turn that tide by playing a proactive role in the royal commission and vowing to help

implement any recommendations that are made.”

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