Outgoing Minister Thanked for Her Service

Shadow Minister for Local Government, Greg Warren MP, has thanked former

Minister for Local Government, Shelley Hancock MP and her staff, for their

contribution and service to the sector.

Ms Hancock was appointed Minister for Local Government in 2019 and

oversaw a tumultuous time in the sector highlighted by the COVID-19


“I certainly didn’t always agree with every decision Ms Hancock or her

government made, but it’s not to say there was never common ground,” Mr

Warren said.

“I wish Shelley well in the future and I thank her for her efforts and contribution.”

Ms Hancock will be replaced as the Minister for Local Government by Goulburn

MP, Ms Wendy Tuckerman.

“I congratulate incoming Local Government Minister Ms Tuckerman on her

appointment, and provide the same courtesy as I did to Ms Hancock in 2019 to

work together in the best interests of the local government sector, wherever

possible - however reserve my position to stand up for the sector and their

communities when it’s called for.” Mr Warren said.

“I also take this opportunity to highlight some of the many serious issues and

challenges confronting the sector and their communities throughout our state -

including the ongoing affects of the forced mergers policy; continued cost

shifting, rising costs and financial hardship and a code of conduct system

requiring urgent attention - just to highlight a few.

“I look forward to working collaboratively where appropriate with Minister

Tuckerman, in the interests of the local government sector and their


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