Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act

I make a brief contribution to this petition debate regarding animal welfare and the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act. I thank the member for Barwon for his efforts and passion around this issue. I also thank the many people who signed the petition. It is a very complex and serious issue for many people around our State, particularly those in rural and regional New South Wales. We on this side of the House understand the importance of animal welfare. We also take very seriously the concerns expressed by the community. The petition process is a good vehicle for the people of New South Wales to have their say and see matters debated on the floor of the Parliament, where decisions will be made. The petition aims to express and address the many serious concerns held by the community and to give members the opportunity to present those concerns in this place. I note the specifics of the petition and I accept that the views expressed by the signatories to the petition come from a very sincere place. We on this side of the House take them very seriously. I thank the House.

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