Renee Allara

To receive an award during Campbelltown's Australia Day celebrations is certainly no easy feat. With more than 170,000 people in the Campbelltown Local Government Area and only a handful of awards on offer, to receive one really is a prestigious accolade. Now, Renee Allara can proudly say her name is on that coveted list. Renee was presented with the Disability and Inclusion Award at this year's awards due to her work with Australian Deaf Elders. Her work involved supporting those in need of interpreting services who were also ineligible for National Disability Insurance Scheme funding. There is little doubt that Renee's dedication and selflessness to the cause improved the lives on many, many people. Of course it's also worth noting that Renee is a very accomplished artist – one of many in the Campbelltown area. Renee's bio on the Campbelltown Arts Centre website she 'works with ceramics and drawing that derive from microscopic images of insects, bacteria and genetic material'. The eye is also a recurring theme as it is representative of her main form of communications as a deaf person. Once again, congratulations on an award that was well deserved, Renee.

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