Rhonda Sampson

I would like to take this opportunity to recognise one of Campbelltown's many outstanding artists – Rhonda Sampson. When I say one of Campbelltown's outstanding artists, I mean it, because there really is a plethora talent in our community. Rhonda was the recent recipient of the Indigenous Changemaker Award at the 2021 Western Sydney Women's Awards. The award was recognition for the many brilliant pieces that the artist had recently constructed. Anyone that has visited Campbelltown Sports Stadium lately would have likely walked past a mural at the entrance. The creator behind it was none other than Rhonda. It is just one of many works that Rhonda has throughout the Campbelltown area including an Aboriginal piece at the South Western Sydney Vaccination Centre in Macquarie Fields and a creation on the side of shipping container, located just off Appin Road. She even helped create a piece for Yellow Umbrella. Rhonda's creations really do stand out and certainly help brighten up Campbelltown. Once again, on behalf of the Campbelltown community, I would like to say congratulations to Rhonda on receiving such a previous award. I cannot wait to see what creations you conjure up in the future.

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