Rural Fire Service

With summer just a matter of weeks away, Rural Fire Service brigades throughout Campbelltown are again busy prepping for a busy bushfire season. It goes without saying that our community is extremely grateful to each and every volunteer and staff member that is part of a local brigade.

Whether they be from Kentlyn, Lynwood Park, Wedderburn, Menangle, Appin or the Macarthur base in Minto, every person that is a part of those centres makes an incredible contribution to our community. I have said it before that it takes an enormous amount of bravery, selflessness and dedication to the cause to run towards a fire, not away from it. But that is exactly what the RFS members do. The Black Summer Bushfires really highlighted the bravery displayed not just by RFS members in Campbelltown but by those in every brigade throughout our state. There's was never a shortage of RFS members putting their hands up to go and help out a community in need. So with summer almost upon us, I would urge everyone to take a minute to recognise and acknowledge the work of our RFS members. On behalf of Campbelltown, thank you to every RFS member.

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