Sandra Greaves

The committees of our school and P&Cs do a tremendous job advocating and raising funds for their community. Whether it's pushing for a school crossing or holding a fete, nothing would occur unless there was a large amount of good will on behalf of the P&C. While they all are incredible, I would like to specifically acknowledge the president of Ambarvale Public School's P&C, Sandra Greaves. I have had many interactions with Sandra during her time on the school's P&C. She – along with the rest of committee – have worked tirelessly to help secure funds for vital projects at the school. Sandra's generosity knows no bounds and that was again evident when she shaved her head recently to raise money for Ronald MacDonald House. She raised more than $12,300 in doing so. The timing also needs to be recognised as the shave occurred on her 40th birthday. On a day when Sandra should have been showered in presents, she was still thinking of others. It is a wonderful effort from a remarkable person. Congratulations on a wonderful effort Sandra and on behalf of our community, thank you for all that you have done and continue to do.

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