South West Sydney Health Inquiry: One Year On And Health System Still In Crisis

The NSW Government has done next to nothing to improve the dire state of the health system in South West Sydney, despite a comprehensive and scathing NSW Parliamentary upper house inquiry.

Exactly one year ago the NSW Government released its response to the 17 recommendations stemming from the inquiry into the Current and Future Provision of Health Services in the South-West Sydney Growth Region.

The inquiry found that “more must be done, and without delay to address the historical under-funding of health services” in the region.

The inquiry also found that “more must be done to address immediate shortfalls in staffing and equipment” and that “adequate numbers of medical specialists, nurses and other health workers” must be provided to meet the growing demand being placed on the regionals hospitals.

This is off the back of the recent lockdowns where South West and Western Sydney hospitals bore the brunt of COVID.

Shadow Minister for Health, Ryan Park MP, said despite the alarming findings, the government had done very little to address the serious issues engulfing the region’s health care system.

“The inquiry was clear – for far too long the region’s hospitals have been under-funded, under-staffed and under-resourced,” Mr Park said.

“There is no doubt the supply of funding, staff and resources has not kept pace with demand, and the blame falls squarely at the feet of the NSW Government.

“Despite the alarming findings, the government has done next to nothing in the past 12 months in terms of addressing the recommendations.”

Shadow Minister for Western Sydney, Greg Warren MP, said there was no doubt the health care system in South West Sydney was in crisis.

“The nurses, doctors and staff at hospitals throughout South West Sydney do an incredible job,” Mr Warren said.

“The health care crisis in South West Sydney will not improve until the NSW Government both acknowledge the plethora of issues and importantly, address them.”