State Budget and Campbelltown Electorate

It is quite fitting that I speak on budget day about the needs of Campbelltown and the matters that concern my community, which we must address. I would like to see a collaborative approach from this Parliament and from the Government to see better outcomes for Campbelltown but, sadly, I have not seen that today. Members saw the budget—we saw more tolls, higher taxes, less wages and more debt. I will start with health. I was proud to work with my community to see the stage two upgrade of Campbelltown Hospital, which was a fantastic outcome. But members on this side of the House know—and the people of Campbelltown know—that it is not bricks and mortar that cures people and cares for people; it is staff. It is our health workers, nurses, doctors, physicians and clinicians. They need the funding, and we did not see that in the budget today. That comes at a cost and has a serious effect on local families, local patients and their carers. Now they have to pay to park at their very own hospital, where taxpayers' money was used to build a car park for the profit of the private sector.

Speaking about roads, there needs to be adequate funding for the upgrade of Appin Road—the 10.4‑kilometre stretch from Fitzgibbon Lane to the roundabout at Appin is vital. There needs to be another connection down into Appin, but members need to acknowledge that if there is to be an orbital, which is proposed, adequate funding should be in place to ensure it connects to the major arterial of Picton Road. In this budget adequate steps have not been taken to ensure that the Hume Highway is connected to Menangle Road to provide for new residents—the thousands of families who are destined for the south of Campbelltown—to get their fair share. There is no commuter car park at Menangle, but thousands of families are destined to live there under the Government's urban population growth plan. It is simply unacceptable.

We have not seen the adequate influence, motivation or initiative from the Government to reduce housing prices. I note the comment from the member opposite about housing affordability. Yes, we need to see housing affordability. We need to see growth. You could never blame Campbelltown and south‑west or western Sydney for not accepting new people to our region. But we cannot accept the Government's plan to see urban population growth without the adequate provision of infrastructure and services so they too can enjoy the good lifestyle that we in Campbelltown and western Sydney have long enjoyed. That was not in this budget today. We did not see a new school proposed to be built in the electorate of Campbelltown. We have seen broken promises in Gregory Hills and Leppington. The Government is trying to amend that. I welcome those schools. I will never stand in the way of or criticise something that is good for our region. But I will never take any steps backwards when it comes to ensuring that we get our fair share.

We cannot discount the effect of wage reductions on working families and our economy. If they do not have the money to spend, they will not invest in local communities and businesses. That is the subsequent fact of the matter. We have not seen those provisions in place. Those are just a few of a number of things that the Government has not addressed but needs to address. They have been ignored. They must be given priority by the Berejiklian Government. That simply has not happened. I will continue my pursuit of my community's prosperity to ensure that people get their fair share. I thank the House.

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