State Emergency Services

Given what has transpired throughout the state over the past few weeks, it seems like the perfect time now to recognise the tremendous members of the State Emergency Service – particularly those in Campbelltown.

The floods that we have witness recently have ravaged many parts of the state.

Parts of Campbelltown were impacted but nowhere near the scale compared places like our next door neighbours in Camden or parts in the north of the state like Lismore.

Still, no matter the scale of the damage or where it occurred, there was never a shortage of SES members willing to stick their hand up and help those in need.

I often say the thing that makes Rural Fire Service brigade members is the fact that they run towards the blaze, not from it.

The same can be said about SES members and whatever emergency has occurred.

The eagerness of SES members to sacrifice their own welfare in order to assist others is an admirable and inspirational quality.

Thank you to every SES member throughout the state – particularly those here in Campbelltown.

Your bravery, courage and selflessness has certainly not gone unnoticed or underappreciated.

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