State Government Offers No Funds, Resources or Support For Veterans This ANZAC DAY

NSW Labor has condemned Acting Minister for Veterans, Geoff Lee, for failing veterans

and the wider community this Anzac Day.

Appearing in budget estimates today, the Acting Minister confirmed that he had not

offered any additional funding or resources to RSL Sub Branches to help them comply

with COVID-19 safe practices this Anzac Day while hosting marches and services

Services and marches in Greater Sydney can have up to 500 people attendees if they

are given a specific seating area and 2000 people if allocated a specific seat.

Events outside of Greater Sydney can host up to 3000 people if allocated a specific

seats and 500 if given a specific seat.

Asked by Shaoquett Moselmane MLC if there was any specific funding to help RSL Sub

Branches comply with COVID-19 safe practices, Acting Minister Lee said “not to my


Mr Moselmane said the Acting Minister and his government had left RSL Sub Branches

around the state “in the lurch”.

Shadow Minister for Veterans Greg Warren said he was appalled by the Acting

Minister’s treatment of current and former Defence Forces personnel.

“The Minister’s message for veterans today was crystal clear. This Government will not

offer you funding or support to help preserve and honour the memory of those men and

women who bravely served our nation,” Mr Warren said.

“Where are RSL Sub Branches meant to find the extra funds to comply with the COVID

19 restrictions? How are RSL Sub Braches meant to enforce COVID-19 safety


“How does the Acting Minister expect RSL Sub Branch members – many who are

elderly and have mobility issues – to set up and pack away 5000 chairs?

“The Acting Minister unashamedly admitted that the budget for the Office of Veterans

Affairs was ‘not huge’, but if this Government genuinely cared about veterans they

would find the money to make this work

“To claim that Anzac Day is ‘arguably the most important day in the nation’s history’ but

refuse to help fund or support those hosting services and marches, is simply paying lipservice

to our state’s veterans.”

Unfortunately, Acting Minister Lee forgot what day Anzac Day was held on, incorrectly

stating it was on March 25, instead of April 25.