Tim Pickles

There aren't many, if any, people in Campbelltown that don't know where and what Tim's Garden Centre is.

In fact, located on the corner of Campbelltown Road and Queen Street, at the entrance to Campbelltown, it's pretty difficult not to notice the centre.

It has been a staple of the community for many, many years – and still is.

And as such, it is much adored by residents in Campbelltown and the wider Macarthur region.

The landscape of Campbelltown, the Macarthur region and the entire Western Sydney region is undergoing a mass transformation – largely driven by the housing boom.

As a result a greater emphasis has been placed on promoting and protecting our precious green space.

And Tim has certainly done that.

His knowledge and passion is obvious for all to see.

As is the famous pig outside the centre.

We have a lot of tourist attractions in Campbelltown and it's fair to say the pig is one of them.

We really are lucky to have someone like Tim in our community to pass on his knowledge and tips.

On behalf of our community, thank you Tim and keep up the great work, mate.

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