Walk in ASTRA-ZENECA Hub Needed in Campbelltown

NSW Labor has called on the Government to urgently introduce walk-in Astra Zeneca Hubs in the

Campbelltown LGA as it has in the other locked down LGAs across South West and Western


Healthcare providers across Campbelltown have seen a significant influx of patients over the past

six weeks as one of the LGA’s most impacted by the most recent COVID-19 outbreak and

subsequent lockdown.

The availability of walk in Astra-Zeneca Hubs in the LGA would make it easier for local residents

to access and increase local rates of vaccination.

Shadow Minister for Health, Ryan Park, said the government needed to provide more support

and resources to get people vaccinated for the Campbelltown LGA.

“If the Government can roll out vaccination hubs across other locked down LGA’s, they can add

in Campbelltown too,” Mr Park said.

“The government urgently needs to provide a walk in Astra-Zeneca Hub for Campbelltown to

increase rates of vaccination and move the LGA one step closer to freedom.”

Campbelltown MP Greg Warren, added: “The premier has repeatedly called for the people of

Western Sydney to get vaccinated. It’s time the government hold up their end of the bargain and

provide the resources needed for this to happen.”

Macquarie Fields MP, Anoulack Chanthivong, said “Campbelltown is hurting just as much as

other LGA’s across South Western Sydney, and residents want to do the right thing and get

vaccinated, they just need access.”

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