Western Sydney Veterans Support

Western Sydney University has embarked on many projects and initiatives that have benefited Campbelltown and the entire region in the past. A recent program launched to support current and former Australian Defence Force and Reservist personnel wanting to pursue higher education is another example of the university going above and beyond. The Student Veterans Program connects current and former serving ADF and Reservist personnel with a range of support services and initiatives to assist students during their time at the university. It is a wonderful concept and one that will make a huge difference. As a veteran myself, I know first-hand how hard it is to make the transition from ADF to civilian life. I spent six months making the transition from civilian life to the ADF but a matter of hours making the transition from ADF to civilian life. Anything that can be done to assist veterans in pursuing studies and careers post-ADF can only be a positive. I commend Western Sydney University for such a wonderful initiative and I am sure that it will have a positive impact on many, many people.

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