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There are a number of worthy causes and projects in the Campbelltown and wider Macarthur region. Unfortunately, there is not an unlimited amount of government funding or money in the pockets of local residents to ensure that every cause and project receives the dollars it is after. However, we truly are fortunate to have a number of organisations willing to dig deep when it is needed. Wests Group Macarthur is one of those groups. The organisation's footprint spreads throughout the entire Macarthur region – from Campbelltown to Camden to Wollondilly. Recently Wests Group Macarthur committed to providing $20,000 a year for three years to fund a new shelter for women and children fleeing domestic violence. While the shelter is located in the neighbouring LGA of Camden, it will no doubt have a big impact for women and children in Campbelltown. Domestic violence is the number one offence Campbelltown police encounter so there is no shortage of demand for shelters like the one Wests Group Macarthur will help fund. The grant will go towards: food; accommodation; caseworker management; as well as medical, legal and educational programs. The shelter will form part of Blue Wren House – Camden Women's Shelter's Porchlight Program.

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